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Having fun and interacting with others fulfils some of the most important emotional needs for every one of us. This is why we initiated our Social Activity Project where our service users have the opportunity to participate in weekly social activities.

Diligent Care Services users are supported, enabled and encouraged to go out into their community and enjoy all that their community has to offer.


We offer a wide variety of activities to make sure that individual preferences are met.

Our weekly activities include:

  • Ceramic workshops

  • Cinema visits

  • Life skills workshops, e.g. cooking

  • Park/Farm visits

  • Bowling

  • Museum visits

  • Music concerts


Participation in our fun activities will bring a lot of benefits to our service users, like:

  • Living lives without boundaries

  • Socialising with likeminded people of a similar age

  • Developing life skills such as: cooking, community, travel and social skills

  • Promoting self-confidence and wellbeing

For more information, please feel free to contact us!

Tel. 0208 808 0805

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