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Mental Health issues can range from mild depression to paranoid schizophrenia. We support people with all kinds of mental health issues who are tenants in their own homes or live in one of our supported living schemes.

We assist in finding appropriate accommodation that is suitable to their needs in a location of their choice. To ensure best practice, all stakeholders, including the commissioning authority are involved. We work in close partnership with registered social landlords who provide accommodation to ensure maintenance is always of an acceptable standard.

In our supported living schemes, we assist service users in their daily lives and with accessing other services, such as housing, education, leisure and travel.


Our main objectives are:

  • Improving quality of life of our service users

  • Increasing independence as much as possible

  • Enabling service users to maintain as much as control over their own lives and to experience a positive self-image.

  • Integrating and connecting our service users to their local community

With these objectives in mind, we will help our service users to live as independently as possible and fully integrate into their local community. No matter how complex the needs are, there is always an opportunity for a further step forward! Our dedicated staff team will work tirelessly with all the relevant professionals to fully maximise this aim.

Examples of the support we offer:

  • Support to maintain own home

  • Utilising all available amenities and services; transport, libraries, colleges.

  • Taking up all appropriate education and employment opportunities

  • Involvement in social activities in the local community

  • Escorting service users to GP visits or accessing other health services

  • Support for the family or carers of the person with mental health issues

Each service user has a named key worker who will visit them regularly in their own home and service users will also have access to a 24h on call support facility. Each service user is therefore able to form a good and professional relationship with their care staff team as they are involved with them with all aspects of their daily lives.

For more information, please feel free to contact us!

Tel. 0208 808 0805

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