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At Diligent Care Services we understand that it can be challenging when you need to find a way of caring for a family member or friend who needs regular care and support.

Many questions arise in family members and friends, like: What does my beloved one need? Do they really express what they want? Should I ask for professional support? How can I combine care and work? How can I best use my resources to help? Who can I ask for support?

At Diligent Care Services it is our highest priority to support family members and friends as much as possible by navigating them through all the challenges they are facing. For us it is most important to give them a feeling of never being alone when facing a difficult situation.

Examples of important steps we help to take are:

  • Planning for the future

  • Supporting the service user to keep control

  • Finding out about the lifestyle, achievement wishes and medical needs of your beloved one

  • Organising the right care and support

  • Sorting out the paperwork

  • Identifying funding opportunities

We, at Diligent Care Services will always stay in touch with you to make sure that you receive the needed support for your beloved one. And most importantly, that you will receive the support you need for yourself!


Open Field

For Families and Friends caring about Loved Ones with Autism

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For Families and Friends caring about Loved Ones Learning Disabilities

  • Problem solving expertise for people with learning disabilies: Link

  • Inspire Induviduals to change Lives: Link

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For Families and Friends caring about Loved Ones Mental Health Issues:

  • Transform the Lives of Everyone severely affected by Mental Illness: Link

  • Prevention as the heart of our work in mental health: Link

For more information, please feel free to contact us!

Tel. 0208 808 0805

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